Club AGM 2019

Cookstown Hockey Club Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 15th May 2019 at 7.30pm in the Clubhouse.

The business of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall include:
(a) To receive and approve reports on the activities of the past year from elected officers of the committee;
(b) To receive and approve the audited accounts of the Group and to appoint auditors;
© To elect officers and Committee members according to such nomination and voting procedure as the Group has decided;
(d) To deal with resolutions and such matters, notice of which shall have been given 14 days in advance of the AGM to the Secretary of the Group by the member proposing such resolutions or other matters;
(e) No business shall be conducted unless at least fifteen (15) members with voting rights be present. In case there shall be no quorum assembled within half an hour of the time named in the notification, the Meeting shall stand adjourned the following week. Notice of such adjournment shall be posted on the Club’s Noticeboard, website and Facebook page.
If you are a member of Cookstown Hockey Club (With Voting Rights) you are entitled to attend and vote.
The roles within Cookstown Hockey Club are detailed below and are all to be voted on at the AGM:

Committee Members
“A volunteer is someone who gives of their time freely and by choice, to help others (individual, community, environment) without concern for financial reward.”
Individuals who are willing to put themselves forward for the good of the Club, not just the playing side.

Club President
As president, you lead and motivate your club, ensuring that club members feel valuable, inspired, and connected to each other.
Make certain all members are active and involved. New membership is the lifeblood of the club and its level of service.

Honorary Vice-President
To stand-in for the President when he is not able to be present and fulfil the same duties until the President is able to resume his or her duties.

To facilitate and chair all Committee meetings. This involves setting the agenda to the meetings, ensuring that the meeting runs to schedule, that the Committee stays on agenda and that all members have a chance to air their views. Where required, the Chairman shall also act as final decision maker.
Representing Cookstown Hockey Club as a figurehead e.g. spokesperson at functions or meetings.
To ensure that the best interests of the club and the membership are addressed at all times.
To support the other Committee members, as required, and to ensure that all actions are addressed in good time, to ensure the smooth running of the club.

To stand-in for the Chairman when he is not able to be present and fulfil the same duties until the Chairman is able to resume his or her duties.

Honorary Secretary
Taking minutes at committee meetings.
To be the main point of contact for the club for information and enquiries and to respond to these enquiries in good time in order to maintain the good reputation of the club.
To co-ordinate the distribution of information to all club members (via e-mail and post where appropriate).

Honorary Match Secretary
The role of the Match Secretary is to organise fixtures for the Club, corresponding with Ulster Hockey and the Irish Hockey Association.
To be the main point of contact within the club regarding fixtures.

Club Public Relations Officer
Promote club events/information through various mediums e.g. website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
To be the main point of contact within the club regarding the liaison with the press or other advertising/marketing mediums.
To raise awareness of the club in the local community.

To liaise with the Membership Secretary to maintain a full and accurate list of club members and their details.
To collect all membership fees (including door money), and pay all expenses, within agreed timescales.
To maintain an accurate and auditable record of all club income and expenditure (petty cash and bank account) and to liaise with the appointed independent accounts auditor to ensure that all records are fully audited prior to AGM (or EGM as required).
To be the main point of contact with regards to matters associated with club finances.

Youth Liaison Officer
Responsible for ensuring communication and cooperation between the junior and senior clubs.
To be the main point of contact within the club regarding the junior teams at underage levels.
Responsible for junior fixtures.

Club Captain
The role of the Club Captain is to oversee the competitive side of the Club, ensuring that all teams fulfil their fixtures and are allocated a Team Captain to run each team.
Honorary position voted at AGM who presents a season report at the Annual Club Dinner.

Men's EYHL 2018/19
TEAM P W D L GD Pts        
Lisnagarvey 18 14 2 2 37 44        
Three Rock 18 12 2 4 34 38        
Banbridge 18 12 2 4 26 38        
Glenanne 18 9 6 3 10 33        
Pembroke W 18 9 0 9 -10 27        
Monkstown 18 7 3 8 12 24        
Annadale 18 4 3 11 -33 15        
YMCA 18 3 5 10 -21 14        
Cork C o I 18 2 5 11 -24 11        
Cookstown 18 2 4 12 -31 10        
Ladies' Senior 2 2018/19
Dromore 20 16 2 2 47 50
NICS 20 15 2 3 33 47
Saintfield 20 14 2 4 24 44
Ballyclare 20 10 3 7 21 33
Annadale 20 9 6 5 12 33
Owls 20 8 6 6 9 30
Limavady 20 5 4 11 7 19
Holywood 20 4 7 9 -5 19
Larne 20 5 4 11 -27 19
Cookstown 20 5 0 15 -45 14
Kilkeel 20 0 2 18 -77 3